Several weeks ago my wife and I went to a Marriage Impact weekend at Ridgecrest Conference Center in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  It was the first time we had been away on a weekend without the kids in a couple of years.  We had an absolute blast!  The teaching was excellent.  The topic was based on a movie that is coming out in theaters later this month called Fireproof.  In this movie, the main character played by Kirk Cameron is struggling to understand why he and his wife are having problems.  His father recognizes the root problem, and gives him some advice and challenges him to spend the next 40 days going through a book called The Love Dare.  My wife and I were both encouraged by the speaker at the conference to get it, and each take the challlenge to take the next 40 days, and do what this book says.

As of today, we are on Day 19, and it is wonderful!!  Each day, the authors pick an aspect of love to focus on–things like patience, kindness, etc.  After the daily reading, is the “dare”.  The dare always relates to the reading, and they pick some very creative ways to get you to connect in a very positive way with your spouse.  I highly recommend every married couple (or engaged) to pick up two of these books and go through together.  You will learn exactly what God says and what God gives us to make your marriage relationship exactly what it should be.