On September 20, 2008 my wife, Lori and I completed the USMC Mud Run.  What an awesome experience!  This is a military obstacle course on the Marine Corps Reserve base in Eastover, SC.  We were “invited” to be on a 4 person team by our good friends Jairus and Stacey.  When they first mentioned it, we chuckled a little bit thinking they were kidding.  They weren’t.  We were immediately intimidated by the thought of it based on what we thought we knew about it.  Since they had participated in the Mud Run last year, they could better explain what we were going to be doing.  Finally we just said “OK, we’ll do it”, even though we were both nervous about it.

It was a blast!!  The course is 4.2 miles with 30+ obstacles of all kinds on it–climbing, jumping, mud-walking, mud-swimming, mud-running, mud-sliding, etc.  You get the picture.  It’s called the Mud Run for a reason.  We were covered in mud.  A picture tells the story much better:

Lori & Scott after Mud Run 2008
Lori & Scott after Mud Run 2008
God's Pottery
Team 879: God's Pottery

The best part was doing it with my wife.  I am so proud of her for not just trying but completing this crazy challenge.  I have a whole new respect for her, and we will remember this forever!  We are already talking about how we are going to break our time of 1:06:45 next year.