As of today, I have been on Facebook and Twitter for 7 weeks.  To be honest, I didn’t think I would last this long based on my early impressions of these two forms of social media.  However, once I gave them a chance I found as many before me, that there are many redeemable aspects.  Facebook has allowed me to connect with friends and classmates that I haven’t seen or spoken with in decades, as well as family that live in other parts of the country.  I have two friends in Iraq that I can stay connected to via FB.  It also allows me a glimpse into the lives of those I call my Facebook friends, as well as allowing them a glimpse into mine.  I enjoy reading the updates, quizzes (ok, the quizzes can be kind of annoying), etc. that come across several times a day.  Sometimes though I find myself wanting to say something, but thinking, “does anyone really want to hear this?”, or “will people think I’m weird if I post this?”.  But as time goes on I feel more and more comfortable “sharing” my thoughts/activities with my “online friends”.  I especially enjoy some of the comments posted afterward.  They are almost always hilarious!

Now Twitter is a little different.  We have 140 characters to say “something”.  What we choose to say is “the thing”.  When I first started “tweeting”, it was mostly to see what some of my favorite Christian leaders were saying/doing–not so much to say much myself.  I found that it is quite amusing to “follow” some of these people in their everyday lives, but it is also quite inspiring at the same time.  This also acts as a way of reminding me several times throughout the day to think about (even pray to) God.  I try to be very selective in who I choose to “follow”, so if you are reading this and I am not “following” you, forgive me.  I have found myself “unfollowing” some who post too frequently or about what they are eating or watching on tv.  I also find it strange that almost every day I get an email saying some random person “is now following me on Twitter”.  Now I know that they probably are following me in hopes that I will get in on their MLM business or buy their “product” or whatever, but what if something I posted or Retweeted made them think about God or distracted them from something that they probably shouldn’t be doing?  I don’t know.  Maybe.

 As far as how these two forms of social media and living a Christ-centered life intersect–not sure I have a good answer for that.  Only God knows, and I think God uses things like Twitter and Facebook for His glory.  What I do know is this: people are “watching”.  If I profess to be a Christ-follower on both Facebook and Twitter, then how I am perceived by those “watching” me should be in line with that statement.