Back in June Lori and I decided we were going to start training for our first triathlon. We picked the Charleston Sprint Triathlon on August 15th. The distances for each leg were 600 meter swim, 12.8 mile bike, and 5K run. At the time neither of us had a road bike so we put road slicks on our mountain bikes and began our training…and really took to biking. Being mostly a runner for the last few years, I found myself looking forward to my cycling workouts more than my runs. We both were actually. We also knew that most triathletes would be competing using an actual road bike, but we were trying to be frugal. Also, it would be our first event, and we just wanted to see what it was all about, not really try and break any records if you know what I mean.

So, fast forward a bit: I injure my shoulder while swimming so I’m out of this triathlon. Lori competes and does awesome. But while we are there we see some amazing road bikes, and according to Lori, she gets passed by most of them. Before we even got to the race, I had a feeling we were going to both be wanting road bikes by the time we left. Unfortunately, I was right.

Lori and I with our new Cannondale road bikes

Now to figure out what we can afford and how to pay for it. When we got home we started doing some research on the internet. I also talked to my friend Chris M. who along with another friend (Mike Q.) are dedicated cyclists with very nice bikes. They gave some great advice. We ended up finding the best deal for our money at Cycle Center. I found a 2009 Cannondale Six on close-out, and Lori got a 2010 Cannondale CAAD9 Feminine for 10% off because we were getting two bikes. Our anniversary was August 17th so these would count as anniversary gifts to each other. My birthday is September 28th, so it would also count as a birthday gift….AND Christmas. Yes, they were pretty expensive, but it is something we can do as a couple and as a family that is good for us and gets us outside. We have been riding them for almost a month now and having a blast. I’ve even reconnected with a buddy (Darryl S.) from high school who is an avid cyclist.

Now, for some reason a few nights ago in the middle of the night, I woke up and could not go to sleep. I started thinking about bikes and cycling and how I could connect my new love for them with my faith. Hmmm…. Not sure where to go with that, but it is intriguing. Maybe Lori and my other cycling friends can help.

My Cannondale road bike