SMART Fitness 90 Day Custom Plan includes the following:

  1. New Client Questionnaire to evaluate current health status, lifestyle, goals, and timeline for achieving. Client will be encouraged to take “before” measurements, weight, and pics to give a reference for progress updates.
  2. EAT/MOVE Questionnaire to evaluate likes and dislikes regarding food and exercise. This information will allow me create your custom EAT SMART plan using YOUR food choices as much as possible. It will also allow me to create your MOVE SMART plan based on the exercises and activities you enjoy.
  3. The Smart Fitness EAT SMART/MOVE SMART GUIDELINES on what to eat & drink, what NOT to eat & drink, daily movement principles, and sleep principles.
  4. A customized EAT SMART plan with meals (breakfast, lunch, supper, and snacks) each week based as much as possible around the foods you like to eat.
  5. A customized Three Phase MOVE SMART plan with exactly what movements/workouts to do each week based on the activities and exercises you enjoy, taking into account recovery & any known ailments, etc. Workouts will vary in phases as client progresses. There will be a Three Phase Progression over the 90 day plan.
  6. Weekly SMART Tips of the Week newsletter with EAT SMART/MOVE SMART/REST SMART tips, guidelines, and suggestions you can apply immediately to help you toward your goals.
  7. Bi-Weekly one-on-one phone call with me to discuss your progress, ask questions,
  8. Direct access to me via email for help and progress updates.
  9. And if you are one of the first 10 clients to sign up you will get a FREE custom design SMART Fitness workout T-shirt!!

All of the above for $195.00

If you are ready to change your life and improve your health, email me at SmartFitnessforLife@gmail.com as soon as possible!!!

Thanks, and BE Smart!

Coach Scott